Master Rentals Complaints Policy

Compliance is absolutely paramount to our organization. We monitor every single aspect of what we do each and every day to make sure we are providing a service that you will want to use, and refer others to as a result.

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service, you can tell us about your concern in the following ways:

We aim to solve your concern straight away. However, if we have not been able to resolve your complaint within one week, we will write to tell you:

Complex complaints

If your complaint is particularly complicated, it may take longer to resolve. If, together, we cannot reach an agreement by the end of eight weeks, we will send you a letter giving our reasons for the delay and an indication of when we expect to provide a resolution.

We aim to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible and to your complete satisfaction.

If you're not satisfied with our action or explanation, the member of staff dealing with your complaint will be happy to discuss your concerns further.

What to do if we cant reach an agreement together.

Master Rentals recommends you use PhonepayPlus. by completing their On-line form Here

By Phone: by calling PhonepayPlus free helpline on 0800 500 212 (open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays)

By Post; by writing to FREEPOST RTJJ-RLGS-HRJK, PhonepayPlus, Clove Building, 4 Maguire Street, London, SE1 2NQ

Our aim is to resolve all complaints internally. However, if we can't reach agreement with you, our Customer Relations Team will send you a 'final response' letter. This letter will clearly set out our position in relation to your complaint.

However if you are not satisfied with our suggested resolution, or if eight weeks have passed since you first brought your complaint to our attention, you have the right to refer your complaint PhonepayPlus.

If you want the PhonepayPlus to look into your complaint, you must contact them within six months of the date of any final response issued.

About the PhonepayPlus

PhonepayPlus are the UK Premium Rate Phone Number and Service Regulator. PhonepayPlus offers a free independent service and they can help with most premium rate complaints. However, there are some limitations on what the PhonepayPlus can look into, and further information about this can be obtained from them directly.

Our Commitment To You / Refund Policy

We are committed to resolving your complaint fairly and quickly. In most cases this can be done if you contact us as soon as possible. We will try to resolve your complaint by listening to your concerns and agreeing a solution with you. Our refund policy is simply to refund all unsatisfied customers in full. Simply return the promotional gifts.

We ask that when requesting a refund, wherever possible, a copy of your telephone bill is presented, this ensures that you are refunded for the exact costs, it also ensures that the refund (which is in the form of a cheque) is correctly addressed to the bill payer, and it also protects fraudulent claims being presented which may affect the level of service we are able to offer to genuine claimants.

If you are unable to provide a copy of a telephone bill, i.e. you have called our service using a pay as you go telephone, the same refund commitment to you applies, the only difference is that we would ask that you provide us with your name, address, and mobile number so we can trace and verify any payment you have made through our internal systems, once completed, a refund will be offered and agreed.