Mater Rentals Business Terms and Conditions for Collectable Toys


'We’ want ‘Your’ decision to use to be the best decision ‘You’ can make in finding suitable products and services, we will endeavor to tailor to ‘Your’ exact circumstances. To that end ‘We’ aim to be completely transparent in all ‘Our’ dealings with ‘You’ hence these terms of business explain ‘Our’ obligations to ‘You’ and ‘Yours’ to ‘Us’. They will be at the heart of ‘Our’ relationship and ‘Our’ contract with ‘You’ so please read them carefully.

Important These terms and conditions explain ‘Our’ services to ‘You’ as ‘Our’ client and ‘Your’ obligations to Us You’ should expect them to take precedence over any other documents, conversations or course of dealings and represent the understanding between ‘You’ and ‘Us’. ‘You’ need to read these terms carefully since they apply as soon as ‘We’ send them or make them available to ‘You’ on ‘Our’ ‘Website ‘We’ cannot accept responsibility for ‘You’ failing to read them.


Our’ service to ‘You’ there will be an ongoing subscription to ‘to our products or services. We will select and recommend suitable products and services based on ‘Your’ specific circumstances. ‘We’ will provide ‘You’ with online support from ‘Our’ customer service team throughout the duration of ‘Your’ subscription.

Once ‘You’ are subscribed to our Collectable Toys Offer‘ We’ may offer ‘You’ a variety of services by phone, Internet, mail, SMS, and other means. These services may include, utility switching agents, compensation advisers, credit card and bank account providers, All of these services are provided without any charge.

By subscribing to ‘ ‘You’ are authorizing ‘Us’ to seek any of these services that ‘We’ think may be suitable for ‘You’ and ‘You’ are authorizing Us to pass ‘Your’ details onto any associate companies that may offer any of the above services. ‘We’ are not responsible for tax or legal advice regarding the services and ‘You’ must rely on ‘Your’ own expert advisers in those fields. We’ specify this as part of ‘Our’ communications with ‘You’. Once ‘You’ subscribe. ‘We’ may be entitled to receive variable commissions for any introductions ‘We’ make. ‘You’ agree that ‘We’ may retain this commission.

Fees/Charges is a subscription service. All PSMS are charged at £4.50 per text, which will entitle the you to 1 collectable toy, the maximum the client will be charged is £27 for 6 collectable toys. Thereafter the second series of toys the maximum charge will be £27. The first collectable toy with be dispatched with 28 days. The clients billing timeframes will be minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 28 days. Service operated through Oxygen8 Communications Limited, 12th Floor, Lyndon House, 58-62 Hagley Road, Birmingham B16 8PE. All return texts will be charged at £4.50 plus standard network charges per message received. Some Automated messages may be sent for billing purposes. This is a Subscription Service. Text STOP to 63333 to stop service/subscription. You must be 18yrs to use this service and have the bill payers permission. For help call 0161 300 2602


You’ have a right to cancel ‘Your’ subscription at any time and at any point in any series promotion. If ‘You’ wish to cancel ‘Your’ subscription ‘You’ can Text STOP to 63333, put your request in writing by either writing to notifying ‘Us’, or by registering your request to cancel at in either event ‘We’ will endeavor to process your cancellation within 48 hours of the date on which ‘We’ receive ‘Your’ request. Postal requests should be made to: Customer Service Department, Master Rentals, PO BOX 13, Werneth Road, Woodley Stockport SK6 1HW


Unless ‘You’ inform Us differently, ‘You’ agree to Us using telephone, email, SMS, fax and post to contact ‘You’ to discuss products and services without having first been expressly invited to do so. This will override any registrations ‘You’ may have with any preference services. To communicate in writing ‘We’ may use the last postal address ‘You’ give ‘Us’. Please note that to improve ‘Our’ service ‘We’ can and may monitor and record any telephone conversations with ‘You’ for security, training.