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Master Car Rentals Affiliate Program

Start earning commission today, by joining our affiliate program for customers that want car with bad credit.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Becoming a Master Car Rentals affiliate is free and easy. Simple fill out the application for your clients or ask the clients to put your affiliate number on the application.

Benefits in joining the Master Car Rentals Affiliate Program!

  • Joining the affiliate program is FREE
  • Earn from£80-£200 per completed sale with little effort
  • Associate yourself with a company you can trust

Publishers Affiliate program

You place Master Car Rentals text links and/or banner advertisements on your site, whichever you choose. We provide you with a personal tag to add to the end of your links to our website, and for every lead that converts to a sale (i.e. they get their car rental with Master Rentals, we pay you from £80 to £200 for each customer. It’s that easy!

Mass Email Marketing

This affiliate program offers you the chance to send an email to your email base. Either created by yourselves or asking us to do it for you. Links in the email are tracked, and for every lead that converts to a sale. You can even track your leads every step of the way with your secure affiliates login.

To join our email affiliation program, submit your details on the form below:

We are always looking to build new relationships with other individuals or businesses and we have an attractive Introducer programme to facilitate the referrals process.

Our Client Profile:

Bad Credit Car Enquiries

We welcome leads where the client has been refused a car loan or leasing agreement.

On a Debt management Plan or In an IVA

These type of plan will in most cases automatically result in an application being declined by others. Many clients still require assistance with a reliable car and master Rentals just may be the answer.

Reporting and Tracking

Our systems produce weekly reports on the current status of all our referrals. Commissions are paid accordingly. We would be happy for you to perform regular audits on our premises and perform test calls as you see fit.

Typical Method of Referral

E-mail, fax, or mid-call transfer. Any other suitable methods of referral may be discussed

Your income from referrals

We do not have a fixed structure. In some cases we have a payment per lead arrangement. In other cases payments are fixed to new client car hire.

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