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Bad Credit Hyundai Range for Hire/Rental/Lease

Master Car and Van Rentals have a wide range of Hyundai Range leasing and rental/hire options to suit your requirements. We have many unbeatable offers for people who find obtaining finance or has bad credit registered against them. You also benefit from a full warranty for the period of the hire/rental. In addition, all vehicles are supplied within the UK and can be delivered to you free of charge.

  • I10
  • I20
  • I30
  • I40
  • I800
  • Ix20
  • Ix35
  • Santa Fe
  • Veloster

Non Status Lease /Hire/Rental car’s for bad credit or it may be possible to offer a car finance/loan option for your new car. If you have adverse credit, bad credit, such as defaults, CCJ (County Court Judgments), Bankruptcy, or on a Debt Management programme or IVA we will be able to help.

Maybe you cannot prove income, self-employed, on DLA or benefits. You still need reliable transport at an affordable price.

If you have been rejected elsewhere then we are perfect for you!