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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden charges?

No. At Mater Rentals Long Term Rental Company we don't show one price and then charge another once you've decided to rent on long term hire - all prices shown include any or all charges. There are no hidden "admin" fees, charges for re-valeting your car before collection or anything like that! Once you've agreed to rental of the car on long-term rental, the price you see is the price you pay. It's all part of our keep you on the road promise.

Can I view more than one car at a time?

Yes. Master Rentals Long Term Car Rental Company is the largest Long Term adverse credit car Rental Company in the North West. We have always have a good number of cars ready to go on long term rental immediately cars on site - all of which are available to be viewed and they are all in one place. You can try out any number of cars with absolutely no obligation.

I've seen a car I like - how do I get in touch?

You can contact us in a number of different ways. The easiest way is to call on 07771 903126 and speak to one of our dedicated team between 9am and 6pm. You can also email

Manchester Airport
Car Rental Village
M22 5WH

To view a map and for directions, click here. The postcode for your sat-nav is M22 5WH

Can I test drive a car before committing?

Yes. We don't limit the number of test drives you can take, nor charge for them, or require you to pay a deposit. You can take any of our Long Term Cars that have been prepared for hire for a test drive along a pre-determined route. This incorporates town roads as well as dual carriageways, allowing you to get a feel for the car in all traffic situations.

Can I part exchange my current vehicle against a new one?

No, We are a Long Term Rental Company, not a car dealership, however we can arrange your old car to be underwritten by one of our trusted used car dealer partners. It doesn't matter what age your current car is or the condition it's in. Even if it hasn't got an MOT, we can still get an offer against it.

What if I still have finance outstanding on my car?

No problem. The Used Car Dealer will take care of settling (paying) any outstanding finance.

How do I go about paying for my car?

You can pay using debit card, credit card (charges apply), electronic transfer or a Building Society cheque. Please note we cannot accept more than £250 in personal cheques. However cash is accepted. Ongoing Rental payments are collected by standing order.

Can I Rent a car over the phone?

Yes, Our helpful sales team will also be able to tell you everything about the car in terms of its service history, specification etc. Once you have paid the deposit you will be booked in to collect. Vehicle delivery is no problem but charges do apply.

Do you offer any peace of mind after sales support?

Yes. We pride ourselves in our customer care. We don't use faceless call centres and in the unlikely event you should have any vehicle issues, Our After sales Department is on hand to offer help and assistance. We have a fleet of courtesy cars should you require one, subject to availability.

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