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Insuring the vehicle yourself

You will be required by law to have insurance for any car that you drive, to insure the vehicle yourself, you will need the car details which we will supply. We will only release the vehicle to you upon production of a valid insurance certificate. Be aware that the when insuring the vehicle the vast majority of domestic car insurers will NOT cover you for business use on a long term lease vehicle. In insurance terms, business use is different from both a short term rental and a leased vehicle. Even some customer service staff at insurance companies are not aware of the difference and will say ‘yes, it’s fine’ when it isn’t – we have had incidents in the past when it has turned out that customers who were told they were insured were in fact not covered. This can be a very difficult and expensive problem to sort out, and can leave you out of pocket and with major endorsements on your license. Inform the insurance company you are leasing the vehicle and ensure that your cover is appropriate. We may also contact the insurance company directly to confirm that you are covered.

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